Food Menu

Call ahead for take-out: (608) 819-6622

or order online:
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Opening Acts: Appetizers

all appetizers include a house-made dipping sauce

The Pride of Wisconsin

We start with Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery white cheddar cheese curds, hand batter them to order, and then fry them to a golden brown perfection.


Intermission: Soups & Salads

add cage-free grilled chicken to any salad [$4]


Only Bleu in this House

You won't feel blue while eating this salad. It's got bacon on in. And bleu cheese. Plus all that other salad stuff.

Featured Artists: Links

Smoked bratwurst and polish sausage provided by bavaria sausage co.
Substitute a vegan sausage on any link [$4].

Chicago's Finest

Nothing brings out the goodness of an angus beef frank like dragging it through the garden – Chicago-style.
No Ketchup Allowed


Headliners: Burgers & Melts

1/3lb angus beef patties provided by Jenifer Street Market


Everyone loves a burger

Even vegetarians and vegans. That's why we have a tasty black bean burger with some rich avocado and roasted red pepper aioli to balance it out and give it a little zip. Like Lucille.

Special Guests: Sandwiches

italian for beef

Beef braised low & slow resulting in flavorful, fork-tender meat with either spicy or mild giardiniera and a side of gravy. Add provolone for some cheesy goodness.


Featured Artist, Headliners, and Special Guests

all entrees served with pub chips
upgrade to a side portion of hand-cut fries [$1.25], slaw [$2.5], potato wedges [$2.25], soup cup [$3.5], side salad [$4.5], cheese curds [$4.5]
substitute cage-free grilled chicken ($2.5) or Vegan black bean patty ($2)
Replace any bread with a vegan pretzel bun [$2] or gluten-free​ lettuce bed

Encores: Add-ons

add-on to any link, sandwich, burger, or melt

pickle spear$.5
pickle relish$.5
red wine vinegar cucumbers$.5
sport peppers$.75
fried egg$2
cherrywood bacon$2.5
whiskey braised onions$1.25
sautéed beer shrooms$1.25
hot or mild giardiniera$2.25
extra beef patty$4

add any house-made sauce:

garlic aioli, hot or mild buffalo, sriracha ranch, bbq, cilantro lime sour cream, zesty lemon tartar [$.75]
red pepper type 2 jam, vegan roasted red pepper aioli[$1]
queso blanco (4oz)[$4]

add any sauce:

ranch, mayonaise, sour cream [$.5]
bleu cheese dressing, wisconsin maple syrup [$.75]
vegan sour cream [$1]

add any sliced cheese:

shredded or sliced cheddar, muenster, pepper jack, provolone, swiss shredded cheddar [$1.5]
bleu cheese crumbles [$2]
Brie [$2.5]

*consuming undercooked meats, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness